Welcome to Over-Powered Localization and Translation – your home for video game translation news and training. My name is Triston Goodwin, owner of T.A.G. Translations and Design and ES>EN translator. I’ve been working in this industry for about ten years now and I’ve decided it was time to build up an army of brainwashed translators to do my will. 

What is my will? To help freelancers like yourself improve their businesses and work on projects that they actually enjoy while being paid a decent rate. 

I am doing this through free training and blog posts here, as well as links to valuable resources and eventually I’ll add more videos. I also highly encourage you to sign up for the email list so that you can be the first to know about tools, events, and jobs that come across my desk. 

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AdWords for Translators

So, you know how I posted last time about how to find translation work right now? Well, I figured it would be a good idea to sit down and actually do it for myself. Now, I'm not actively translating so instead I decided to sell someone else's...
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Find a Translation Project Today!

Alright, hold on to your butts, 'cause it's time to get into the cool SEO stuff! In this post, my dear translators, I'm going to show you how to find a translation project today. The Plan The plan here is pretty simple. We're going to create a video, upload it to...
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Getting started as a freelance translator – Should you quit your day job?

Getting started as a freelance translator Today I want to talk about a big mistake that I made when I first started out as a freelance translator and what's worse is that I did it again when I started out as an SEO: Jumping in head first. In my last post, I talked a...
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Websites for Translators – The Ballad of Triston

Websites for Translators If I had to attribute the majority of my success as a freelance translator turned agency owner to any one thing, in all seriousness, I would say it was my website. I'll go into good detail as to why that is, but if you're just here for a...
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Censorship in Video Game Localization

Censorship in Video Game Localization A news story came across my digital desktop this morning about censorship in video game localization, and I figured I’d share my thoughts. Partly because I generally tend to be impartial to either side of the whole censorship...
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How to Rank your Profile in Proz.com

How to rank your Proz.com profile – or most other translator directory profiles for that matter… Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite SEO things: PARASITE RANKINGS!!! Bhuaahahahhaaaaaaa Behold, the Majestic Tape Worm plushie A parasite ranking is when...
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Blogging for Translators

Let’s talk about blogs for a bit. I came across a post where some folks were, essentially, saying "hahaha, people still suggest that you create a blog in order to find translation work, what bobos, hahaha." Now, I can’t fault them for having this belief, I think that...
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How to find paid translation work on YouTube

Here’s another reply to a question about how to find paid work translating on YouTube that turned into a long response (can you tell that get paid per word?). What normally happens on YouTube when someone translates one of your videos is that you receive a...
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Finding Work as a Video Game Translator – Native English Speaker Version

This is a short follow-up to my last post on video game translation trends for 2017. Jane Davis had an interesting question about finding work as a video game translator that I thought would try to answer. She says: I saw this as an opportunity to cause some trouble,...
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HostGator Review and Tutorial

Before I get into this HostGator review, there are a couple of things that I need to disclose/clarify. I am a member of the HostGator affiliate program, which means that I might make commissions on sales that I send them. I have also been using their platform since my...
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