Alright, hold on to your butts, ’cause it’s time to get into the cool SEO stuff! In this post, my dear translators, I’m going to show you how to find a translation project today.

The Plan

The plan here is pretty simple. We’re going to create a video, upload it to YouTube, optimize it, and also run some ads to it, if necessary.

Step One: Make a Video

There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way, in my opinion, is to go to and create a free account. You can then use the platform to create free videos! I have two tutorials here, one for very simple videos and the other that includes using video footage. Keep in mind that this is not Premiere or After Effects, the video’s we’re making are very simple. If you want more complicated stuff, we’ll get to it, so keep reading.

Video Footage One:

Slide Show:

Those things look HUGE right now…

I would pick the branding/promo template and just fill out the spaces. You will want to talk about yourself, your services, and how you can help the person watching your video. Keep it simple, to the point, and short.

Other ways that you can make videos include:

  • Making a fancy PowerPoint presentation and recording it with some screen recording software, like OBS (free), while recording a voice over (Audacity works great and is free). You might need to do some light editing, which can be done in YouTube or you can
  • Download HitFilm Express (free) and create a video from scratch. I do something similar, but with Adobe Premiere and After Effects since I’m already paying for them.
  • Or option C, you can actually buy videos like this. I have a few templates that I use to promote some of my clients that can be adapted for translators. Check it out here if you’re interested:
  • You can also just grab your cell phone and record yourself talking. I don’t normally mention this option because more translators are terrified of the idea of being on camera, but hey… toughen up, you wimp.

Pro Tip: It doesn’t have to be pretty. What’s important is the information that you’re communicating. Take the money you make

Pro Tip 2: If you want to target multiple locations or language pairs, make multiple videos.

Step Two: Upload and Optimization

Uploading a video to YouTube is easy. You just upload it like any other file.

Now comes the fun part. If you recall my post on SEO and using parasite rankings, then you already should know what to do next when optimizing your video. But, I’m going to assume that most of you have no idea what I’m talking about and start from the beginning.

First, you’ll want to pick a search term. I would suggest something like “[language pair] translator in [city, state]” – so I would use “Spanish-English translator Logan UT.” That’s the title of your video. You’ll also want it to be in the description of your video and paste the whole thing into your tags. Make sure to include your contact information and a link to your website in the description of your videos as well.

Now, that is sometimes enough to get your videos to appear in Google search. Sometimes you need some extra work done to your video, in which case you can hire an SEO to help push your video. However, the goal of this post is to get work fast. So, we’re going to promote this video via Google ads. You’ll want to go to and log in with your Gmail account. This part is kinda boring, so I’ll just say to follow the steps they provide. It’s not exactly complicated.

Larger budgets mean more traffic and views on your video. More traffic usually means more clients.

Step Three: Profit

So, you now have a video up on YouTube, probably Google as well, and a way to drive traffic to it. Now you answer questions, talk to clients, and convince them to give you money. 

All things considered, it’s actually really easy.

Now go do it!

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